December Events this Week!!

December 9th 7-10

Film: “Three Thousand Years and Life”

Where: The Variant 4180 NE Garfield

PDX APOC and Oregon Jericho will be screening the film “Three Thousand

Years and Life,” a documentary about the prison uprising at Walpole

State Prison in 1973. Spurred by the terrible conditions at Walpole

and the Department of Correction’s repression of the interracial

prisoner solidarity union, the National Prisoners Reform Association,

the prisoners at Walpole took over the prison, brought in civilian

observers and ran it for months themselves.

“Three Thousand Years and Life” brings this vital history to life,

revealing what can happen when there is public will for change and

trust that the incarcerated can achieve it. In the months before they

took over running the maximum-security facility in 1973, prisoners and

outside advocates created programs that sent more prisoners home for

good, slowing the turn of the famous revolving door by 23 percent and

decreasing Walpole’s population by 15 percent. When guards protested the changes they saw as choking their livelihoods, finally refusing to run the prison, the prisoners stepped

ably into the void—and all-out peace ensued. They shrank the murder

rate from the highest in the country to zero. Even more significantly,

they worked hard to bury racial antagonism and longstanding feuds so

even “lifers” with no hope of going home could find ways to live

together, learn, and grow—to regain, finally, the humanity that the

system intended to squash. Critical to the work of prison abolitionists and transitional

reformists alike, this groundbreaking history offers a real-life

example of a prison solution many see only as theoretical. It not only

reminds us why people seek to make prisons obsolete, but also recalls

a time when we were much closer to these abolitionist goals.

Saturday December 11th 5-6pm

Oregon Jericho Workshop at the Anarchist Bookfair- “Have you Hugged you Political Prisoner today?”

The Waterheater, 750 N Fremont St.

This workshop will focus on u.s. Political Prisoners.  Members of Oregon Jericho will discuss the importance of not forgetting our captured PP’s and POW’s from the early days of Black liberation to the recent Green Scare.  Oregon Jericho is the first NW chapter for the international Jericho Movement for Political Prisoner Amnesty, a non-sectarian and not for profit organization. Political Prisoner support is crucial for a strong and well-informed movement and is very often a point of intersection for cross-movement and solidarity building.  The workshop will focus on gaining a stronger interest in the Political Prisoner movement in the Portland/NW area and the various local resources and strategies for PP support. Also, relevant to the bookfair is Jericho’s recently published book in 2010. Our Forgotten Political Prisoners with cases in New York State has case studies of several notable Political Prisoners with cases in the Tri-State Area-CT. NY. and NJ.  The writings are in their own words and with pictures of the important people in their lives.  Copies of the book will be available.

Saturday December 11th 6:30-8:30pm

Immigrants, Islamophobia and Repression in the Police State!

The Variant 4810 NE Garfield

*Free, all ages and disability affirmative*

How do we move forward in our fight for a free and just world in the midst of increasing federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement collaboration with local law enforcement as well as the possible reinstatement of the Joint Terrorism Task Force? What does this mean for our movements? Members of various organizations and social movements will discuss the contemporary and sobering reality of dealing with the backlash of political repression. Focus will be immigrant communities from Africa and Latin America facing severe government harassment and repression.  Panelists will discuss resisting the backlash of political repression and moving social movements forward in a police state.  The role of incarceration as it effects, Political/Social Prisoners, the FBI setup of a Somali teenager in Portland, the reinstatement of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the impact of ICE and local law enforcement on immigrant communities such as day laborers from Latin America will be addressed

Safe Communities- Criminalization of immigration and ICE collaboration with the police

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights- The role of Islamophobia in the police state

Oregon Jericho Movement- Political/Social Prisoners and Joint Terrorism Task Force

This event is organized by:

Oregon Jericho, The Safe Communities Project, Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights, and The Variant


Connect the Dots, Education Without Borders, Portland Central American Solidarity Committee, NW Student Coalition, BMedia Collective, Safe Communities