Struggling to Win: Chilean Anarchist’s Building Power Event



PCC Cascade Campus Terrell Hall Building, Room 122


Chile has a long history of working class struggle in shanty-towns, factories, mines, community organizations, and schools. In the 20 years after the US supported coup, much of the organizing was done underground. However after the fall of the dictatorship in 1990, there was a new rise of mass popular organization. Anarchists have been a major force in the social movements, strategically organizing to build power. This national tour brings three individuals, Melissa, Gabriel and Pablo, to talk about the lessons learned and to create solidarity across hemispheres. 
Specific Questions to be Addressed: 

• The strategies that influenced building a social movement
• The importance of a class analysis
• Social insertion
• Fusing theory with lived realities
• Anarchist materialist perspectives
• The Theater of the Oppressed and popular education 
• Patriarchy and structural violence through capitalism, state and religion
• Gender violence and discrimination

Sponsored by: Institute for Anarchist Studies; Black Rose Anarchist Federation; Hella 503 Collective; Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC); Living Stages Theater; Oregon Jericho; PDX Anarchist Black Cross; Students for Unity; PSU Student Union; The Q Club (PCC Cascade) and KBOO Radio.

$5 – 25 suggested donation to help the traveling comrades (no one turned away)