Who We Are & Help

Oregon Jericho is a local grassroots organization based in Portland, Oregon fighting for the human rights of those who are wrongly incarcerated. We are a not for profit and non governmental organization with no paid organizers. We are strictly volunteer run! Many people who are wrongly incarcerated are considered as Political Prisoners. We define Political Prisoners as persons who have been incarcerated for their political views, actions and commitments. They have conciously fought against racism, sexism, colonialism and imperialism. They are freedom fighters! While in prison they continue to adhere to their principles. Oregon Jericho was formed in 2010 inspired by the larger Jericho Movement for Political Prisoner Amnesty. We are non-sectarian and non-vanguardist.  We are not explicitly religious however the name Jericho refers to the biblical story in the book of Joshua where people raise the clamour to destroy the oppressive walls of empire!  Jericho is a movement with the defined goal of gaining recognition of the fact that Political Prisoners (PP’S) and Prisoners of War (POW’s) exist inside of the united states despite the u.s. government’s continued denial and winning amnesty and freedom for these PP’s.



The Jericho Movement grew out of a call for a national march on the White House during Spring Break of 1998 by PP Jalil Muntaqim. The call was made in October of 1996 through the Provisional Government–RepubIic of New Afrika and the New Afrikan Liberation Front, but the organizers decided to use this opportunity to jumpstart a much needed movement to build a national support organization for PP’s in general.


The Jericho March

Jericho98 was the collective work of over 50 organizations, defense committees and groups, 64 Jericho Organizing Committees and Students for Jericho making the issue of Recognition and Amnesty for U.S.-held political prisoners and prisoners of war a national one with its successful demonstration and rally at the White House. The organizers who made up the Jericho Organizing Committees were/are just as diverse as the demonstrators who came from all across the United States, crossing the spectrum. The Jericho Movement was clear that we had to build a movement that left no political prisoner out there on his or her own again if we were to succeed in winning this struggle against racism, classism, and all forms of oppression.


The Beginning of a New Commitment

The March 27, 1998 demonstration was just the beginning of a whole new commitment to supporting these PP’s and demanding recognition and amnesty for them. There are hundreds of people who went to prison as a result of their work on the streets against oppressive conditions like indecent housing and inadequate or complete lack of medical care, lack of quality education, police brutality and the murder of people organizing for independence and liberation. These people belonged to organizations like the Black Panther Party, La Raza Unida, FALN, Los Macheteros, North American Anti-Imperialist Movement, May 19th, AIM, the Black Liberation Army, etc., and were incarcerated because of their political beliefs and acts in support of and/or in defense of freedom.


There is Work to be Done!!

Once the demonstration was over, the real work began. The Jericho Organizing Committees that came into being around this work continue educating people about the existence of these PP’s. The original structure that was designed to mobilize people to go to the White House and serve notice that we will no longer allow our PP’s to be behind prison walls with no support, and that work is being done to free them, is now being transformed into a mass based organizing tool. At the present time there are Jericho Organizing Committees operating in California, New York, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Italy and regional committees functioning across the country. Then, too, Jericho is working with local defense committees to bring the cases of IndivIdual political prisoners to the public. Building a bond across organizational lines is what Jericho is about … that’s where our strength lies.

To find out more about The Jericho Movement check out our main website:
www.thejerichomovement.com • info@thejerichomovement.com

Remember! We Are Our Own Liberators!


The Jericho Movement addresses four principal issues:

1. Building the Amnesty Campaign
A big part of this work is locating political prisoners, compiling dossiers on them, and building the case for amnesty.

2. Continuing the Educational Campaign
About the Existence of Political Prisoners inside the U.S.

3. The Jericho Legal Defense Fund.
Providing supportive expenses for lawyers and law students etc. to provide legal defense for PP’s.

4. The Jericho Medical Project
Fighting for adequate and quality medical care for PP’s.

Click here to join us!


How Can You Help?

Write to the Prisoners!
It is important for the prisoners to receive mail from their supporters, especially at holidays and on their birthdays. You can also send them some money for their commissary, so they can buy some things that are otherwise not available, such as paper, envelopes, and stamps.

Organize speaking engagements
about political prisoners in your church, school, community.

Volunteer to work
on one of the projects of the Jericho Movement. Check our homepage for recent going-ons for examples of our work or email us directly.

Organize a Jericho Committee
in your area. We will help you get started.

Make a financial contribution to Jericho. 
Financial contributions go towards one or more of the four areas of our work, as outlined above. If you would like to ensure the money goes to a particular prisoner or purpose, please let us know. Address to send all Money Orders or Checks will be online shortly. Until then, please email us for more information.


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